Dear Creactive Customer,


Please allow us to introduce ourselves! Our journey started with a vision to provide our cherished educators with the tools they need to teach tomorrow's leaders today. It has been said that educators are often overworked, underpaid and too often overlooked. This is troubling to us as the path to growth and development of children, families and communities starts with education.


Education is an ongoing, ever evolving experience that one partakes in throughout life in multiple facets. For children of all ages we have identified three main areas of growth: creativity, activity and education. While growth is not exclusive to these three, they do help to shape well-rounded individuals by focusing on a healthy mind and healthy body. Having a healthy balance can lead to more productive, engaging and innovative members of society. With this focus as our foundation, we have centered our contribution around providing the very tools necessary to facilitate such growth.


We are not just another school supply store, we are Creactive Kids, your source for educators and students to have the necessary tools to build the best communities possible. Here, you'll find everything from teacher and school supplies to sports and physical education equipment; for kids from early childhood to the cap and gown. We are with you all the way.


But our contribution goes even further than that! Because we value our customers so much we want to reward all who share our mission with Extra Credit Rewards by Creactive Kids! Customers who join us will enjoy additional savings as loyal customers as well as special 'thank you' rewards. We recognize and reward hard work!


Thank you for stopping by to see what Creactive Kids has to offer. We are humbled to serve you!


Stay Creactive,

Creactive Kids Team



Providing teachers, schools and students the tools necessary to build communities where children of all ages can aspire to reach their fullest potential through creativity, activity and education.



Create. Activate. Educate